Saturday, June 10, 2017

Farewell, Batman!

Adam West (only the best Batman ever) passed away on Friday June 9, 2017 at age 88.

I watched Batman religiously in the 1960s, and when I saw the first Michael Keaton Batman movie in the 1980s, I was actually quite surprised at the big difference in the tone of the movie.

In recent years I have watched the Batman episodes sporadically on vintage TV channels, but some are so ridiculous as to be unwatchable (the "Shame" episodes come to mind immediately).

Anyway, it was great fun following Adam West in recent years, from his various Batman specials to his hosting of "Batman" re-runs to his appearances on King of Queens and Family Guy.

I recently watched an episode of 77 Sunset Strip where he played a ne'er-do-well. That was so out of character for "Bruce Wayne"!

Thanks for the memories, Adam West!

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