Friday, February 28, 2014

My First Music Survey

Back in October, I posted about some of my early record collecting and referred to a local radio station survey that I couldn't find. Well, I found it recently and here it is. It's from December 1966 (a week or 2 before Christmas), and as I said earlier, it got me started on buying records.

WFIL was one of the two AM radio stations in Philadelphia that played rock and roll in the 1960s. They had only switched to that format in September 1966, and had soon overtaken WIBG (which had been playing rock since the late 1950s) for the #1 spot.

Unlike their normal bi-fold survey with the record list on the inside, this one was a tri-fold, due to the seasonal design on the inside.

Of the records on this list, I had "I'm a Believer" (#2), "Good Vibrations" (#9), "Lady Godiva" (#22), and (for reasons unknown to me now) "Hey Leroy" (Future Hit #2).

It's interesting to note that #38 is "Gallant Men" by then-US Senator Everett Dirksen.  I assume it was a Vietnam-era tribute song/spoken-word thing to the troops.

The inside features the 6 weekday disc jockeys, each in their own ornament. Perhaps the most well-known was George Michael, who by the early 1970s had moved on to WABC in New York City (replacing Cousin Brucie), and later had a syndicated weekend sports wrap-up show on TV, named "George Michael's Sports Machine".

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